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Temperature Management in Sedated and Anaesthetised Patients

Hypothermia is a common complication of anaesthesia. This article examines the effects of hypothermia on our patients and the methods of maintaining heat in our patients.
Fluid Warmer

Do heated intravenous fluids help keep our patients warm?

Researchers at the National School of Veterinary Medicine in France studied the clinical efficacy of heated intravenous fluids as a method of preventing hypothermia in cats. This article provides a summary of the research results.
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Use of Alfaxan in Paediatric Patients

Our paediatric patients deserve the best start to life, so when anaesthesia is required, it is vital to understand that their physiology is different from our adult patients. Continue reading to find out more.
Geriatric Black Labrador

Use of Alfaxan in Geriatric Patients

Dogs and cats are living longer than ever before, in part due to improved availability and options for veterinary care. Find out how to best manage older patients when using Alfaxan.